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The Web Developer Bootcamp: Learn HTML, CSS, Node, and More!

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COMPLETELY REDONE – The only course you need to learn web development – HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and More!

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12 avis pour The Web Developer Bootcamp: Learn HTML, CSS, Node, and More!

  1. Andreas Apostolatos

    No react! At the end the course kinda rushes and becomes hard to follow specially with some programs that window users will find hard to make them work. Really good though i recommend it(tried others) if he adds react best course in my opinion

  2. Ario Baskoro

    This is a must course for everyone trying to be a web developer or software developer. I decided to become one a year ago found this class and fell in love immediately with programming. A year later I becoming a programmer and feel like i am little bit above some of other programmer in the field, even though I wasn’t even had degree that are related to computer what so ever. This course feels like a degree hacker, career shifting cheat code! I actually join this class and one other, right before I join a far more expensive bootcamp locally in my country, this just to check wether or not programing was for me. As a result this course help me graduate from the bootcamp as the Most Valuable Student and guaranteed me a job. however be careful of the impostor syndrome, I’ve been there too. good luck…

  3. John Mar Ignacio

    The BEST! Web Developer Bootcamp course I bought from Udemy,
    Colt is a great instructor with an in depth knowledge in programming who is simple to follow and understand. I’ve learned a lot about ES6, NODE + EXPRESS, MongoDB + Mongoose, and EJS for templating. Additionally, this course has a wonderful community of aspiring web developers and even professionals who have completed it, are eager to assist those who are just starting out.

  4. Mohamed Majaliwa

    Nice instructor , though i dont think that the course was complete . Anyway , for anyone who wants to learn web development for the first time , this is the course , i highly recomend this course .

  5. Stephen Little

    Was an awesome course, there really is a lot of information in here. Thank you Colt for such a great course and look forward to taking my next course with you..

  6. Himanshu Zade

    There are some parts which need rework… But I guess that is a constant… On a serious note 58.571 and 58.572 needs rework and explanation although I figured out everything but then again I am not paying to figure out myself right… secondly and most important is that deployment part must be explained atleast with 2 platform you see In India it is hard to access Heroku because of on going visa mastercard vs Rupay UPI Tag team match, so yeah do include Azure or AWS because it seems that they are doing pure business not politics… I would have given 4.8 but it was not possible…

  7. Ibrahim Roba Jobo

    I think it was a good course because it exposes you to the skeleton of the basic of web development without the framework and makes it easier for you to bulks on these skill since you know the basics

  8. Nadun Gunawardana

    This is the first course I had on Udemy. Best thing about this course is you get to learn how to learn by your own. Colt and TA’s Crew does there best on assisting us whenever we are in doubt. Never felt alone following this course as, I was supported each time by the said community whenever I was in doubt. Thanks Colt and TA team, for giving us this fantastic course and thanks Q & A community for the utmost support you given me throughout this course.

  9. Tim .

    There are many things I like about this course, from its well-thought structure & contents to the way Colt explains new concepts and many helpful exercises. The thing I like the most is the YelpCamp project, which is very helpful and sets this course apart from similar courses on Udemy.

    I have enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from it, thus, I absolutely recommend it to anyone who would like to become a web developer. Thank you so much Colt!

  10. Asmin Santana

    Thank you Colt! I still have a lot to learn, but you gave me the tools to continue this coding journey!

  11. Soroush Khoshkalamyan

    Colt tries his best to be a good teacher, e.g. he cuts out useless parts of videos and explain things thoroughly even if it takes more hassle and tries to avoid services that need credit card even though cloudinary and horuku have changed their policies.

  12. Regian Erstelle Bowo

    Very good learn a lot from colt and many project that provided in this course that will help us as student to grow up. As colt say in last video keep learning as developer 😀

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