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Total TensorFlow Guide: Deep Learning with Python Course

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Learn how to use Google’s Deep Learning Framework – TensorFlow with Python! Solve problems with cutting edge techniques!

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12 avis pour Total TensorFlow Guide: Deep Learning with Python Course

  1. Jose Antonio Doyague Hernández

    En general el curso explica bien los conceptos básico, sin embargo la parte programatica esta desactulizada, utilizando la version 1.8 cuando nos encontramos actualmente en la version 2.x, haciendo complicado extrapolar ciertas cosas y tener que basicamente aprender con la documentacion propia de TF (muy bien explicada y muy útil)

  2. Flemming Christensen

    very good hands on approced for new commers in Data science.

  3. Marc Solal

    This course teachs a version of tensorflow with is outdated. Also, it was imposible to install the require software, due to these outdated libraries which are used. I had to purchase a different course.

  4. Lohith nandi

    Easy language…explained step by step

  5. Les Archuleta

    So far so good. I haven’t fully installed everything so I can’t give a full 5 stars untill I’m “up and running”. I’m hopeful!

  6. Drew Pentland

    The instructor moves pretty quickly and glosses over a lot of topics. I’m someone who needs a lot of time and details with the underlying theory in order to understand how something works. I didn’t feel like I was getting that with this course. I chose another one called “TensorFlow Developer Certificate in 2022: Zero to Mastery” which went way more in depth. It takes a lot longer to complete, but its much better for detail oriented people like me. Hope this helps.

  7. Bhaskar putta

    Jose Portia is the best. I always want to buy his courses especially. You are my teacher. thank you for keep teaching.

  8. Deswandhi

    it is a good experience learn from this course. Lecturer speak clearly and start with a simple thing

  9. Sandeep Betharia

    The course is outdated. As on 9th Jan 2023, the Anaconda installation does not work as per the instructor’s directions. Also, TensorFlow is now at ver 2.11, but this course is still using the old methods which do not work with the new environment.

  10. Ed Claus

    It’s giving a lot of information and for me it’s close to my max.
    Fortunately Jose is very easy to follow so with his help and some things doing twice I get along.

  11. Dinesh Vennapoosa

    Jose is so awesome in teaching, not only in this Tensorflow for deep learning course, but also in his every other course. I took almost all of his data science courses

  12. Melissa Miskell

    Very in depth, fantastic information

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