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Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

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Master Typescript by learning popular design patterns and building complex projects. Includes React and Express!

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12 avis pour Typescript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

  1. Volkan Türkmen

    Because of the depreceated modules this course seems to be behind of the time. But it is amazing because Stephen gives alot of information about subject and he also gives information about coding architecture. I advise everyone to take this course.

  2. Kumar Chandresh

    The course is very nicely put together. I love the instructor’s way of teaching, first with diagrams, and then with code. Best suited for intermediate and advance learners. I enjoyed this course because it gives me a peek into how advanced developers leverage TypeScript using libraries that don’t inherently support it. Totally recommended, worth every penny! ?

  3. John Spurlin

    The quality of insight, pedagogy and presentation in this material is peerless. Steven not only guides you through the material but also introduces scenarios to force you to think through it as well. You will encounter challenges similar to those which Steven presents in any software out there. If you are looking for a clean slate, still: this is a fantastic place to begin.

  4. Erik

    Could use a healthy dose of modernization, many sections had the caveat “this is how things USED to be, so we have to downgrade/use some old solution”

  5. David Roger

    This class was everything I wanted out of a TypeScript course. It was challenging, engaging, each project demonstrated the value TypeScript brings to the table over plain JavaScript, and although there are sections where the material is out of date, it also encourages in a way to review and learn more material outside of the course. Will definitely take more of his classes in the future.

  6. Juliet Shin

    I really enjoyed this course. The class was very thorough and offered not just the basic understanding of TypeScript, but the thought process behind how to use TypeScript and why.

    Stephen Grider provided detailed discussions on applying TypeScript to Node/Express and React/Redux.

    I really appreciated the effort that Stephen made to cover many facets of TypeScript in this course. It was also a good refresher for other aspects of coding.

  7. Sina Mirhejazi

    As always it was a great course, I just wish there were mentions of TS utilities like ReturnType, Awaited, Partial and so on

  8. Scott Johnston

    A very good approach to teaching Typescript going into detail on not just the right approach to problem solving but also highlighting why not to take certain approaches.

    Not just a great Typescript course but also a great insight to best practices in software development and design patterns.

    Some modules are now a little outdated towards the end of the course with some of the Redux usage, but still invaluable for those working in legacy codebases.

  9. Tim Kipfmueller

    *** The course seems to be regularly updated but is partly outdated and has missing content, that could have been updated a year ago #redux ***

    Stephen is a very good teacher, and I learned a lot from this course.
    It was worth the 12€ or so..

    And I would buy another course from him in the future, but I would have a good look into the course within the first 30 days,
    to see if the course is outdated (even it was just updated a month ago).
    Or I would check if the course is the right one for me to take.

    If you want to learn OOP, then this course is for you!

    But I bought this course because I pretty much just want to use
    / React
    / Redux
    / Nodejs & Express

    , and I was a little disapointed.

    – The React part uses mostly class based components, because Stephen says, TS works best with classes / OOP.
    Like shown in the course. (and I can see that)
    But aren’t class-based components in react an almost legacy thing?
    The course is 3 years old. Maybe this is outdated(?)
    Even it says the course was just a month ago updated..

    Next: (this should have been updated into the course)
    – Redux had a major update, over a year ago I think, and works now different and is optimized to work propperly with typescript.
    TypeScript works with the new version out of the box.
    Propper “Tools” / “TS-Types” are provided by redux itself.

    You could still use it the old way as it was shown in the course, but you need to install it in “legacy-mode”.
    At least that was shown in vs-code.
    After that I read the documentation myself.
    You can download from there a empty react template with redux & ts implemented.
    (Stephen you could use this to update this course.)

    Anyways, It was good to do this course, but I don’t have to give a full 5 star review.

  10. Dani

    Not fulfilling the promises in the description. I have taken this course with some basic understanding in typescript and thought it would be different mainly because of the promise to learn design patterns.
    Even as a beginner I would rather take other course because of the way this course is structured it may be confusing. Also a lot of time spent on creating a complex app and the focus shifts to login instead of typescript and design patterns.

  11. Enrico C

    The course is really detailed and I really enjoyed learning by examples.
    I just missed a chapter about testing.

  12. Marco Villegas Moisés

    Excellent course, I have already bought some other courses from Stephen, but he is just awesome, very detailed and always gives very good explanations.
    I am satisfied with the content of this course.
    Would be great if he could update this course to explain some of the new versions of TypeScript, it has changed a lot since then, yet an amazing course.

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