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Ultimate Pandas and Python Data Analysis (Complete Course)

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Analyze data quickly and easily with Python’s powerful pandas library! All datasets included — beginners welcome!

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12 avis pour Ultimate Pandas and Python Data Analysis (Complete Course)

  1. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy

    This Course’s material is adapted just for beginner, who has no coding experience. No project and very simple examples which are repeated many times.

  2. Lance Radue

    This is an absolutely great introduction to Pandas and many of the powerful functions it has. The presenter does an amazing job of explaining everything, and provides plenty of examples and caveats to the various ways of implementing the functions. Now I have the tools to analyze and manipulate data with only a few lines of code!

  3. Rodrigo Flores Amezcua

    Muy completo para comprender las bases y las principales funciones de Pandas. Hay muchas otras, pero si comprendes lo que hay en este curso, no hay nada que te impida aprender y entender las otras con una lectura rápida en la documentación.

  4. Lysandros Bafaloukos

    Great course to learn the ropes (which I did and thank you for that, Boris!) but I’d like the course to offer more coding exercises with increasing difficulty.

  5. Vinay V Nayak

    Thanks for an amazing course…the sessions are perfectly tailored for beginners like me.

  6. Szymon Marek

    Excellent explanation of the material, great narrative delivery, after listening to 18 hours… I would like more 🙂 Thank you Boris very much for introducing me to the world of pandas library.

  7. Bhargava Rushi Pendem

    All finance folks must do this course..explained all the concepts very well. I gained a lot of confidence and experience with this course and started applying it at my work already.

  8. Krzysztof Stokłosa

    Dry reworking of methods bit by bit, in such a form as the course is, I might as well just read the documentation. The assignments are up to the middle of the course, then they are forgotten, and the initial ones are repetitive (3x write one and the same thing). No repetition of the material covered, no project of any kind.

  9. Gaurav Sharma

    What I found special about this course is that after learning a topic, we have to solve the respective coding challenge which is embedded within the section.

  10. Isaac Figueroa

    Hello everyone! I would give 10 stars if possible. I did not know anything about Python neither Pandas, I was looking for ideas to analize large Excel files (Power BI and Google Data Studio did not work for me) and with this course Boris taught me the basics and intermediate tools for data analysis using pandas. BUY THIS COURSE, you will not regret! Congratulations Boris (I will buy your book on amazon too).

  11. Oscar Miranda

    me encanta he aprendido super rapido y facil, me gustaria un poco mas de proyectos para practicar lo aprendido, pero del resto SUPER recomendado.

  12. Andre Swierczewski

    I would recommend beginners to take this course. Many methods have been explained with many examples. Feel too long 😀 but it is definitely useful course!

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