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Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop & Use Your First Two Games

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Epic Games-Approved: learn the Unreal Editor, master the gameplay framework, and use Blueprint to program without coding

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12 avis pour Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop & Use Your First Two Games

  1. Dylan Martínez Sánchez

    It was a great course for beginners, I highly recommend it 🙂
    If I had to nitpick something, I don’t like using Blueprints instead of Behaviour Trees for the AI, but overal it was very good!

  2. Radosław Wolnik

    Autor is not replayning to questions since like 3 years? But it’s really usefull pack of lessons to have in your pocket. Most of things, even if outdatet, is delivered clearly and proffesionally. Thank you!

  3. Paweł Adamczyk

    Great course. Unfortunatelly it’s a little outdated, and seems like author is not supporting it anymore, so you wont receive any answers to your questions from him. Nevertheless, most of the problems I’ve encountered are adressed in questions section either by author or other course participants. You can learn a lot of stuff in this course, I would give it a highest note if not for a lack of updates and author support.

  4. Kanavech Thanasinkul

    Best first step for me.Thank you

  5. Faatih Kajogbola

    I’m only two videos in and loving it so far.

  6. Jose Miguel Vasquez

    Even though is a little outdated, there are very valuable lessons here

  7. Konstantinos Avramidis

    Excellent lesson, covers details in every aspect, design , functionality, maths, and generates ideas for further creativity. I would like to follow more lessons from this instructor. I would like to play a game created from the instructor.

  8. Lovin Adrian

    Really well explained and fluid.

  9. Marcel Rosewood

    Great course. It’s a wee bit outdated as of the recent UE5 release – but that’s not your fault. I hope more people can understand that

  10. Hex Gridding

    Really great course learned a lot on Unreal blueprints 🙂

  11. Ernesto Aragon

    This is a great tutorial for a beginner like myself! I’m following this tutorial in UE5.1 and since things are different everything doesn’t work exactly the same as what the tutorial describes, but I’m still able to get the game working and create my own solutions after Google searches and other research 🙂

  12. Colin Sandquist

    Great! Practicing my own lighting … using the shader’s and lights along with experimenting day time and night time…..!

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