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Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Learn C++ & Make Video Games

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Created in collaboration with Epic Games. Learn C++ from basics while making your first 5 video games in Unreal

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12 avis pour Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer: Learn C++ & Make Video Games

  1. Jacob Frei

    I learned a lot and enjoyed the renewed focus on C++ instead of the apparent focus on Blueprint that the original course had. This was a great course for getting a grasp on Unreal and it is the course that finally got pointers to click for me. Well done!

  2. Ashutosh Singh Kaviya

    Amazing course definately learned lot , i totally recommend to beginners to start your unreal journey with this course

  3. Jp Meyer

    TLDR: The instructors clearly know what they are doing, the course is decent. Overall a pretty good course for beginners, not if you’re looking for something advanced or super detailed.

    The good: You get to build a few cool games. I took some time to rebuild my own from sections 3 and 4, had fun doing that, even mixed some of the concepts together. I would not recommend this course for someone with zero programming experience – take an intro C++ course first. Stephen Ulibarri has a good intro course to give you a good start.

    The bad: Some of the course feels a little instructional rather than teaching – more like tutorials instead of getting you to actually understand the concepts; and some of the concepts are glossed over a little instead of really explaining them in depth so that we understand the environment in which we are working. If you have a programmer’s mindset, you’ll be fine – but if you’re a serious beginner at these types of things, you will have trouble wrapping your head around the stuff in this course in such a way that you can build something of your own afterwards. It would also be nice if the shooter section gets reworked for UE5. Most of the concepts translate from UE4, though, so you’ll be fine if you can figure things out.

  4. Krisztian Zsolczai

    Edit: This went from 2.5 to 2.0 star by section 6. Sam is doing it all on the fly and it is a disaster. No plan. No structure. Horrible… It is really painful to even watch it. Section 6 is also in UE4, not 5. (I can still follow him in 5 no problem).

    I will say that Section 5. ToonTanks was very good. The only section worth watching. Well organized, explained, maybe a bit slow tempo but 1.25x is your friend. I got a lot out of it.

    – There is UE specific C++ coding, with some good examples. Not nearly as much as I was hoping for.
    – Easy to follow if you have coding background, and if you have messed around with BPs already in UE.

    – Whole sections are recorded on the fly except maybe 5. Section 6 is the worst. You are watching the narrator looking for things, experimenting, making mistakes, etc. Quite sad really. He is wasting your time. Easily 4-5 hours wasted of the 29h.
    – Overlapping exercises/concept. I.e. Why do you need to teach me to set up control input in section 5 then on 6 again? Twice the explanation of Delta Time as well. Show me something new instead.
    – Time is being wasted on things that are not C++ related. I am not here to build a map. Don’t care. Sorry.
    – If you are new to programming you will be lost here. This is NOT for beginners, as most concepts are just touched up on.

  5. BigIsland 41

    This lecture was a very good start point to implement games in C++.
    I understood where I can use C++ and Blueprint properly.
    And these lectures were very easy to understand.

  6. Aman Saxena

    Amazing Experience Learned a lot about unreal engine 5 ,4 and C++ .
    In programming covering almost all important concept to make games.
    Looking forward for more games in future.
    Thanks for this course.

  7. Justin Sulistio

    Very good for starter at unreal engine. I learned a lot of stuff in this course, but i recommend to get another course that is more advance in coding. this course is really like the baby step with unreal engine

  8. Patryk Maksymowicz

    As my rating shows its average course. Instructors know their craft and i think they implement everything the right way and the simple way so student can follow along easily. Only downsides are that they wont show you how to actually finish the game in any way and they dont tell to much about high level design of game architecture along the way. At the end of the day you may know how to implement most of the popular features and commands needed to accomplish that as well as UE editor tools but you wont know how to build a game.

  9. Batuhan Ergin

    It was an Unreal 😀 journey from the beginning to the end. Thank you for creating such a great course. Well explained lectures and excellent Q&A section with amazing explanations.

  10. Danny Carter

    Great intro to Unreal Engine, particularly since it teaches the integration of C++ with the Engine.

  11. Meysam

    this course is great for beginners and someone who want to start a career in game dev, the community is very supportive which is very handy for beginners.

  12. Lorenzo Andraghetti

    The last section could be actually expanded in more lectures that explain more in details, but it’s really not necessary. Really great course!

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