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Video Game Development Using Unity: Code Games with C#

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Design & Develop Video Games. Learn C# in Unity Engine. Code Your first 3D Unity games for web, Mac & PC.

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12 avis pour Video Game Development Using Unity: Code Games with C#

  1. Nathalia Gomez

    It is AMAZING! Rick is an amazing instructor, he really does ensure that you understand the reason he takes every approach, and explains concepts in great depth for you to understand. I really like this style of teaching because it follows a logical process of understanding the concept, the task and appropriate approach. Something I also love about this course is that it taps on to so many tools and aspects of unity WHILE creating projects. This is learning by doing, and every single different projects teaches you more and more about Unity. I just really loved this course. If anything, this is marked a beginners course, but a general knowledge of programming would be best because otherwise it can get overwhelming.

  2. Tashen Moodley

    Had a wonderful time learning how to create the 3D games in the course and expanding on my knowledge of Unity. Explanations were well done and no lecture felt too long and was overall a very fun and pleasant experience.

  3. Yahya Taqi

    I cannot thank enough for how much this course helped me to kickoff my dream. There’s a lot of effort put into this course, upgradation is the best part of it, and not only that, you also have access to the previous material of the it, and the Q/A instructor is also very cooperative. The only hard time I had in this course was with Gary, but I worked through it somehow. Overall I would say AWESOME COURSE!<3

  4. Simon McElvogue

    Loved this course, I’ve always wanted to learn how to make games. This was easy to follow and the instructors were excellent and enthusiastic.

  5. Kim T.

    Thanks to team, I really like your courses. Rick teaches fantastically, Gary’s exercises are very challenging for me and I had to watch the lessons several times to even get along. I’m looking forward to the next course.

  6. Petr Juricek

    Thank you for another great course … that was quite a long journey… but definitely worth it! Looking forward to another of your courses 😉

  7. Avery Gunnoe

    Excellent learning material overall. The tower defense section got a little frustrating as the Instructor didn’t take much time to explain the complicated ideas they were teaching but I figured it out eventually

  8. David Mulgrew

    Sorry to add a blank review, when I didnt hit the save button I didnt realise it had saved the rating but not the text, as I was planning to come back later. Anyway…

    For context I am experienced professional software developer doing the course for fun with my brother who has no experience. I am also a big fan for the team, I’ve backed on kickstarter and finishes several of your courses.

    My reason for the low raiting is largely based on the Realm Rush segement. This segement introduces several new and difficult concepts, classes, dictionaries, queues, breadth first search essentially back to back when the realm rush segment had already introduced several new concepts.

    To compound this issue the tutor uses the parrot technique immediately following these new concepts. 139 is very heavy on giving you code to copy without really explaining how each line of code applies to the « flow chart » developed by the breadth first search algorithm.

    We went to the comments hoping for some extra clarity but these sections are so bad that the comments have devolved into posting memes about how bad they are which goes unmoderated. The comments are not for reviewing the course, the amount of comments complaining has made the comments section on those lectures unusable for anything other than complaining. I appreciate the bad feeling you will generate by deleting comments but at this point you not only need to fix the course, you need to fix the comments.

    The reason I didnt write out a full review immediately is I wanted to take the time to consider course pacing better. I took a couple hours in the afternoon to prototype a small two player (local) game which introduces classes and dictionaries to give my brother chance to better understand these concepts before we continue with realm rush.

    I rated this course so low for the simple reason that it failed at teaching you concepts critical to finishing it, not only once but back to back. It has devolved into the sort of course that throws pages at you to copy from so you can make it through, with zero understanding. If your goal is to get a certificate to put on your CV and then be bad at the job then this course is probably for you. To be more specific, older version s of the course had tests to check you understood, or at least remembered the concepts discussed in each segment.

    At this point it feels like a bad course that riding the wave of positivity generated by the previous very well done courses.

  9. Fernando Sousa

    The course is pretty good, it shows a lot of the basics of Unity, it’s a good intro.
    I’m taking away half a star for some misleading tips (like disabling the warning messages), a few codes that were simpler than the lecture made them appear and weren’t explained (like the time input on the Destroy() function we could’ve used on the particles, we created another function and used invoke to call it) and some not updated bits (some asset packs imported from unity website are deprecated).

    Gary and Rick overall are great instructors, each with their best perk: Rick’s explanations were pretty lively, and Gary showed quite complex algorithms on his lecture. I look forward to continue learning on the other Game dev TV courses, and I hope my review serves as a good feedback for the team!

  10. Viraj Vakharia

    Great course to begin with . You’ll get a great deal of knowledge about the GameDev industry and what it takes to actually develop a game from zero

  11. Jack Chi

    Excellent teaching by Rick at the beginning of the course explaining everything in detail and suddenly turned into a « Monkey see Monkey do » situation during the Realm Rush section where Gary isn’t quite thorough with the How and Whys and is just speaking out loud what is on his mind. Yes, it proves that he’s an excellent coder with plenty of experience but in terms of teaching, I’m very overwhelmed mid-way through.
    With a normal class, this teaching method works I guess because the students can just ask questions about anything on the fly and get immediate explanations on how and why a certain thing is done. But in reality, this is an online course, and without the benefit of asking real-time questions the method of teaching here is done very poorly.
    Hope this section of the course can be revisited to properly explain things in detail (like Rick does to an almost excessive amount).

  12. Agostinho Felipe Da Silva Neto

    Amazing Course for anyone who is interested in unity development. The community are so helpful as well as the instructors of the course, a very good learning experience!

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